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Portfolios Feb 2022: $131,116.35

Cash Investment (Self Pick) : $65,402.75

Cash Nikko AM SG STI ETF : $ 5,723.24 SRS Endowus : $11,233.96

Forex Account : $39,142.40 Cash Balance : $9,614.00

This month, my overall portfolio increased by 8% month on month. Despite the market Russian and Ukraine war, my overall self-pick portfolio is about the same as it was last month. Personally, I will be on the lookout for any potential discounts on high-quality stocks during this time period.

The increase in my overall portfolio is due to my forex account, which I topped up $5K while profiting around $3.9K in February alone. I'm glad that my portfolio had a good month of growth. I'll be rethinking my financial goals, as forex profits will be a significant source of income contribution as I scale up.

Happy investing and stay safe~


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