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Portfolios Jan 2022: $120,171.73

Updated: Feb 10

Cash Investment (Self Pick) : $65,584.01

Cash Nikko AM SG STI ETF : $ 5,539.38 SRS Endowus : $11,193.18

Forex Account : $30,203.28 Cash Balance : $7,651.88

The overall portfolio fell 2% month on month compared to the end of December 2021, owing primarily to the Chinese government's tech crackdown. Alibaba -51.44 %, Xiaomi -38.83 % is a glaring eye sore in my portfolio. You might be wondering why I didn't use a cost average down on these counters. As I believe that investing and growing my forex account will provide a better ROI at the moment, I will reconsider averaging down my costs into these two counters in near future. Wishing you a happy Chinese New Year!


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